We just need my hands and

your motivation to bring new life to your days.

We just need my hands and

your motivation to bring new life to your days.

We just need my hands and

your motivation to bring new life to your days.


A physiotherapy assessment and accurate diagnosis is made in order to understand all the details of your injury and carry out a bespoke evidence-based treatment to achieve your well-being and fulfill your personal goals.

Manual therapy

Includes a variety of techniques as therapeutic massage, neurodynamic mobilization, kinesiotherapy, spinal manipulation or articular mobilization aimed to achieve different goals including muscle relaxation, analgesia, range of motion recovery, blood flow increase, physical and emotional tension release.

Therapeutic exercise/sport rehabilitation

This is an essential part for recovering. Active therapy makes you take control of pathology’s origin, being essential to resolve lesions, prevent them by motor control, proprioception, and muscle balance. 

Radio Frequency

It is an electromagnetic spectrum that provides high quantity of energy to the cells. It´s useful in for many purposes as chronic or acute injuries, tendinopathy, haematoma, oedema, and repairing muscle, tendinous or osseous tissue recovery acceleration.

Dry needling/ Electropuncture

Totally safe technique useful in case of myofascial pain and tendinopathies. It decreases myofascial pain by using a thin acupuncture needle through the muscle that modulates pain, restore muscle tone and activation.

Kinesio Tape

It is useful in proprioception disorders and helping to accelerate haematoma and edema drainage.


This method benefits fascia and range of motion disorders by putting special cups on your skin to create suction to increase oxygenation, blood flow and as a type of deep tissue massage.

Welcome to an idyllic location in contact with nature without giving up all kind of facilities and amenities.

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Enjoy a cup of tea/coffee or a drink previous to our working session in order to break away and get ready to experience and notice all changes that your body is going to generate.


Víctor Arco, Mallorca, 1983. 

Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy, Universidad de las Islas Baleares. 

After 7 years working for Emergencies Service of Primary Care (Ib-Salut) and working experience in Mutua Balear, Domusvi residence for the elderly, Mapfre Salud Medical Center, Fisioplanet, Rafa Nadal Academy, Ibermutua Mur, and taking part in some sports events as Absolute Spanish Tennis Championship ’19 in collaboration with Rafa Nadal Academy and Royal Spanish Tennis Federation. Starts its own physiotherapy consulting in 2019. 

I´m passionate about health.

I´m passionate about health in all fields and spheres. I feel lucky to take part not only on individual well-being but society as a whole also, because happiness lies, above all, with health, and thankfully I feel I contribute in a small way to build a better world.

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